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Plexus Art Gallery, Villa Murillo, Rue du Lac 61, 1815 Clarens/Montreux, Suisse, 16.11.2023 - 21.1.2024
Galerie ART CRANS MONTANA, Crans-Montana, Switzerland, 1.8.2023 - 15.9.2023
Galerie L'Art'monie, rue de Villereuse 1, Geneva - 21.2 - 18.3.2023
Galerie Mickael Marciano, 26 Place des Vosges, Paris - 9.11 - 23.11.2022
Galerie L’Art’monie, Genève, Suisse - 18 sept. - 13 octobre 2018
Hôtel La Prairie, Yverdon, Suisse - 24 juin - 14 octobre 2018
UNI GLOBAL UNION, Nyon, Suisse - 22 mars - 12 mai 2018
PLEXUS ART GALLERY, Clarens/Montreux, Suisse - 15 juin - 27 août 2017
GALERIE 2016, Hauterive/NE, Suisse - 14 janvier - 26 février 2017
GALERIE NUMERO 1, Paris, France - Mars 2015 - Mai 2015
ART CRANS-MONTANA, Montana, Suisse - 2014 - 2015
Galerie PERBET, Annecy, France - 2013 - 2014
PLEXUS ART GALLERY, Clarens/Montreux, Suisse - 2013 - 2014
Galerie EN BEAUREGARD, Montreux, Suisse - 2011
Galerie de GRANCY, Lausanne, Suisse - 2006 - 2007 - 2009 - 2010
Galerie BLEU DE CHINE, Fleurier/NE, Suisse - 2007
Galerie PICPUS, Montreux, Suisse - 2006
RAMADA PARK HOTEL, Genève, Suisse - 2005
Galerie RYTZ, Nyon, Suisse - 1997 - 1998 - 2001
ART COHEN AG, Zürich, Suisse - 1995
Galerie MOTTE, Genève, Suisse - 1992
Galerie du HAMEAU, Verbier, Suisse - 1992
Galerie de l’AVENCON, Bex, Suisse - 1989

- VILLARS PALACE ART FAIR, Villars-sur-Ollon, Suisse (March 2024)
- SALON D'AUTOMNE 2016, Paris, France (Octobre 2016)
- ARTOULOUSE’EXPO, Toulouse, France (Mars 2015)
- SWISS ART SPACE, Lausanne, Suisse (Juiller 2014)
- MONTREUX ART GALLERY, Montreux (VD), Suisse (Novembre 2012)
- SIAC, Marseille, France (Mars 2008)
- AAG, Genève (Novembre 2008)
- INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR, Palexpo, Genève (2007, 2008)
- Salon d’Art Contemporain, St-Galmier, France (1999)
- Palais des Congrès, Montreux, Suisse (1990)


Dominique Hoffer as a teenager will see confirming two firm passions both of an uncontrollable need for freedom: the aviation and the painting. The aviation will focus all her energy, at first. Dominique will obtain her licenses of professional pilot and will exercise her profession within Swiss and South African airline companies.
In 1988, the time has come to begin her artistic route. Dominique gives up her cockpit, adopts a big easel and exchanges the control stick for the handle of the brush.
From now on, she lives and works in a small village of Canton de Vaud, in Switzerland.
Encouraged very fast by a numerous clientele developed thanks to the exhibitions in galleries, art shows, visits of studio, Dominique dedicates herself totally to her work, tries to realize in two dimensions her dreams ceaselessly renewed, to sharpen her sense of the diverted realism, to exploit her own surrealism: “I try to create an atmosphere, I install my elements in improbable situations and treat them in a realistic way. I try to obtain a surprising image, in which the look of the spectator is going to be captivated by the strangeness, without ever the boredom settles down…”
Her ideal urges Dominique to use of glacis, 3 to 4 layers of colors, appropriate varnishes and to extend the image on the four sides of the canvas. The art of Dominique Hoffer is not a simple walk on a white surface, it is the result of an every day’s fight: “Sometimes, in the course of work, I have to face the facts: such element does not suit to me anymore, is badly placed, or then something, desperately is missing…. A battle makes a commitment then, to restore the disappeared harmony. I consider my painting to be finished only when no more doubt comes to disturb my vision of departure”.